Marketing System For Manufacturers

Want To Reach Your Most Ambitious Growth Goals?

Want a guaranteed way to grow sales and profits faster?

Want a proven way to take your business to the next level?

Grow Profitable Revenues Predictably With
Our Marketing System For Manufacturers

Revive Your Business

Whether lack of sales in your business has been an ongoing problem or you've recently had a drop in sales volume we'll help you grow faster.

Our system, team, and diverse experience will provide you with a positive and profitable future.

Grow Your Business

Got ambitious growth goals and want to reach them? Sales and profits stuck on a plateau and you want to reach the next level? 

We'll design a customized system for you to exceed your most ambitious goals ... faster.

Grow Your Manufacturing Company...

...Faster with Less Stress, Less Effort, and Less Risk

Our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System will help you achieve your most ambitious growth goals. 

Since 1994 manufacturers using our system have been exceeding their growth goals by: reducing competition, generating more new ready to buy sales leads, increasing sales closing rates, and shortening sales cycles.

Not Meeting Your Sales and Profit Goals?

Schedule a free 15 minute Business Growth Call with Andrew Shedden, the president of Broadfield Communications, and he'll assess your current business growth system, identify the problem areas, and give you some ways you can use to start increasing growth, sales, and profits.  

You can book a time by using Andrew's calendar which you'll find here.

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