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Does This Sound Like You?

You're an expert at manufacturing but you're not reaching your growth goals current marketing and selling practices? 


Growth is great but you have very ambitious growth goals and want to reach these goals faster and with less hassle.

Hi, I'm Andrew

Since 1994 I've worked on industrial marketing consulting projects with manufacturers interested in gaining consistent and profitable growth.

While these manufacturers were in a wide variety of industries and had unique growth problems about 80% of the time they had no growth systems in their companies.

Their marketing and selling processes were hit and miss so they had no way of improving them and meeting their growth goals in a predictable way.

Once I provided them with the growth system and tools they needed they were able to grow their companies like clockwork.

My next challenge was to figure out how to provide manufacturers of all sizes with the knowledge, systems, techniques, and communications they needed to take their companies to the next level without the five or six figure price tag, so I did.

Introducing The Manufacturing Wins Community

We've put all of the business-building resources used by us to grow manufacturers faster in our Manufacturing Wins Community.

The community for manufacturing professionals

The Manufacturing Wins Community is for manufacturers of all sizes looking for the best ways to increase their sales and profits.

It's a one stop community for help, education about latest growth techniques, and a place where you can interact with like minded growth-obsessed peers.

Our community gives you the tools you need to exceed your most ambitious growth goals.

It's lonely at the top, middle, and bottom. By joining our Manufacturing Wins Community you'll be among helpful peers with shared experiences.

Members know where you are because they've been there too.

What Do I Get?

Manufacturing Wins Community Membership Details

Becoming a member of our premium community isn't for everyone.

If you're a manufacturing CEO or senior manufacturing executive who wants to learn how other manufacturers are growing their sales and profits faster, then membership is definitely right for you.

Here's what's inside the Manufacturing Wins Community for our members.

Manufacturing Wins Forum

As a member you full access to our Manufacturing Wins Forum.

This forum is the heart of our manufacturing community where you can go for full and frank discussions on a wide variety of manufacturing topics.

You'll be able to discuss issues with your peers and get answers to your most pressing questions. 

How You'll Benefit From Our Forum

  • You'll get your next business growth breakthrough by reading member contributions
  • Members will help you overcome any growth challenges or obstacles
  • You'll be well versed in the latest business growth best practices 
  • You'll expand your current business network
  • You'll generate new sales opportunities 
  • You'll reach your sales and profit goals more easily
  • You'll be empowered and inspired to set and reach higher goals
  • You'll be a member of a group of like-minded manufacturing executives who "get" manufacturing

But Wait There's More

I just had to say it!

In addition to our Manufacturing Wins Forum you'll get business building information from us once a month. This way you're not overwhelmed and have a month to absorb the new education and business building tips and tricks before the next round shows up.

All of our content is archived so every month your membership brings you more value.

Manufacturing Wins Blog

As a member of the Manufacturing Wins Community you'll get access to over 175 blog posts, magazine articles, videos, podcasts, tip sheets, checklists, special reports and much more. 

This is literally swinging open the door on a vault of business-building content we've produced over the last 10 years. 

Industry Leader Interviews

We interview industry leaders in a broad cross section of areas to help you optimize performance in your manufacturing company.

One condition is that these video interviews are not 30-60 minute sales pitches but are meant to provide you with the knowledge to improve your performance.

We actively seek out the brightest and the best to provide you with the key points you need to improve without the jargon or need to have a Ph.D. to understand them.

Every video interview is recorded and added to the member's area so you can watch it later or watch it again. 

Marketing and Sales Experts Interviews

We have monthly video interviews with marketing and selling professionals to discuss what's working today to take manufacturing companies to the next level.

If your aim is to use best practices to grow your manufacturing company in less time then these interviews will help you to get to where you want to go.

Every video interview is recorded and added to the member's area so you can watch it later or watch it again.

Ask an Expert Calls 

Once a month we have an expert available on a conference call to make a brief educational presentation and answer any questions you might have.

While it will normally be business growth related it may also be personal growth-related. It will be educational, informative, and bring you real value.

Vendor Discounts

Get access to discounts from our hand-picked tightly screened vendors. This will allow you to buy with confidence and save money.

This alone will far exceed your investment in our Manufacturing Wins Community. 

Business Growth Training Tools

You'll get access to the training tools we use to help manufacturers grow faster.

Every month we'll be adding training tools you can use to reach your sales, profit, and growth goals faster and with less stress.  

Manufacturing Wins Community Investment

$495 USD per month 

Paid monthly. If not delighted you can cancel any time.

Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind

One thing we hear pretty often from manufacturing CEOs is how "it's lonely at the top."

The second thing we hear is how, unless you're a manufacturing CEO yourself, you can't understand the challenges that come with the job. 

Our Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind is restricted to high-growth Manufacturing CEOs in non-competing industries who want to interact with their peers to help each other reach their most ambitious growth goals. 

We put together small groups of manufacturing CEOs in non-competing businesses and have weekly 60 minute Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind meetings.

It's a place you can go to discuss those high-level issues and goals and find out how your peers are solving them and moving onward and upward.

We facilitate these online meetings which are well-structured and start and end on time

How It Works


Members share their growth challenges or goals with their mastermind group. 


The group will brainstorm new ideas and help to get your challenges solved (they may well have solved your challenge before) or give you the shortest route to meeting your growth goals.


You'll be asked to make a commitment to the group about the one major thing you'll get done before the next meeting. You'll also be made accountable so you'll need to get it finished.

What Else Do I Get In The Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind?

In addition to accelerating achievement in our mastermind groups, as a manufacturing CEO you'll also get the following...

Private Manufacturing CEO Forum

Have you ever wanted a totally private area where you could interact with fellow manufacturing CEOs to discuss wide-ranging topics?

The Manufacturing Wins CEO Community is restricted exclusively to manufacturing CEOs and provides a venue where you can create topics, ask questions, answer questions and remain completely anonymous.

This lively community will bring you great value, entertain you, and keep you on your toes.

It's also a great place to network and make deals.

Manufacturing Wins CEO Advisory Board

The Manufacturing Wins CEO Advisory Board provides you with all of the advantages of having the kind of advisory boards normally found in the biggest corporations.

This is an exclusive area that provides support for manufacturing CEOs looking for help with their marketing, selling, production, and financial questions.

Simply send us your question and our panel of experts will reply with a solution you can use to get your problem solved by email, or online chat.

You get up to 30 minutes of free access per month.

Manufacturing CEO Interviews

Our video interviews of fellow manufacturing CEOs will provide you with insights and different ways of looking at things. 

It can be incredibly powerful to apply practices from another industry to yours as a way of creating competitive advantage,

As always they're recorded so you can watch them again and again.

In order to join the Manufacturing Wins Mastermind you need to make a one year commitment.

You'll need to complete a detailed application to see if your qualify. 

Because we want a premium experience for each member we reserve the right to decline any application solely at our discretion.

We'll be sending more information about our Manufacturing Wins Mastermind as well as our Manufacturing Wins Community as we get ready to launch. Please join our Founder's Club Waiting List below.

Join Our Founder's Club Waiting List

If you're interested in taking your manufacturing company to the next level please join our Founder's Club Waiting List below.

We'll ask for your input to help us shape what our membership site for manufacturers will become. We'll also provide you with free business growth information while you're waiting.

Note: Joining our Founder's Club Waiting List does not obligate you to become a member. But there will be some nice extras for our Founder's Club members if you're on the list and choose to join later.