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The Manufacturing Wins Membership Site gives you the tools you need to exceed your most ambitious growth goals.

It's a one stop community for help, education about latest growth techniques, and interacting with like minded growth-obsessed peers.

You're Not Alone

It's lonely at the top, middle, and bottom. By joining our Manufacturing Wins Membership Site you'll become part of a community of helpful people with shared experiences.

Members know where you're coming from because they've been there too.

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Since 1994 manufacturers using our marketing and selling methods have been exceeding their growth goals by: reducing competition, generating more new ready to buy sales leads, increasing sales closing rates, and shortening sales cycles.

The goal of our Manufacturing Wins Membership Site is to create a community filled with resources that create the best value for manufacturers looking to increase their sales and profits through better marketing and selling practices.

Now you can get all the benefits of our expertise in growing manufacturers by becoming part of the community of manufacturing professionals in our new Manufacturing Wins Membership Site.

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  • community

  • Courses


  • Blog


The Manufacturing Wins Guarantee

We want you to be totally happy with your Manufacturing Wins membership. If, within 30 days, you feel it isn't right for you, we'll send you a full and courteous refund.

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Everything in the Marketer Membership Level plus:


  • MANufacturer Interviews



  • DIScounts

Manufacturing Wins Blog Full Access

Gain access to over 175 blog posts, magazine articles, videos, podcasts, tip sheets, checklists, special reports and much more. 

This is literally swinging open the door on a vault of business-building content we've produced over the last 10 years. 

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Everything in the Vice President Membership Level plus:

  • CEO interviews

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Manufacturing Wins CEO Interview Podcast

One thing we hear pretty often from manufacturing CEOs is how it's "lonely at the top." The second thing we hear is how nobidy can really understand what it's like to be a manufacturing CEO unless they are one.

Every month we interview a manufacturing CEO to discuss more of the "high level" issues and challenges they are grappling with and how they are getting them successfully dealt with. 

As always these podcasts can be listened to on our website or downloaded and listened to as traditional poodcasts.

These interviews of fellow manufacturing CEOs will provide you with insights and different ways of looking at things. 

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  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • Access To Community
  • Business Growth Courses
  • Industry Leader Interviews
  • Marketing Blog Access
  • Ongoing Updates

Especially for manufacturing CEOs that want to be in a community of their peers.




US Dollars

Everything in Vice President

  • CEO of the Month Interviews
  • CEO Mastermind Calls 
  • Advisory Board Access
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Access To CEO Community

Join Our Founder's Club Waiting List

We're working toward a May 1, 2020 launch date. If you're interested in taking your manufacturing company to the next level please join our Founder's Club Waiting List below.

We'll ask for your input to help us shape what our membership site for manufacturers will become. We'll also provide you with free business growth information while you're waiting.

Note: Joining our Founder's Club Waiting List does not obligate you to become a member. But there will be some nice extras for our Founder's Club members if you're on the list and choose to join later.