About Us

Growing Manufacturers Since 1994

Why we do what we do

Since 1994 I've worked with mid to large sized manufacturers creating marketing systems to accelerate their growth.

Working on big projects with big fees in distant locations looks great to others. Many consider it to be a "rock star" lifestyle.

While I'm certainly not a rock star we do have one thing in common. Performing the consulting work (or the songs) is the only thing that compensates you for being on the road.

The life of a consultant is dynamic and interesting, right?

The typical life of a consultant has a numbing regularity to it. Dealing with the joys of flying, sleeping poorly in hotels, eating things in restaurants you shouldn't, and being away from your loved ones.

I willingly chose the consulting profession and its been good to my clients, and to me. I enjoy the work immensely. But I was burning out and needed a change.

I found myself becoming tired of the whole "on the road" experience. I really wanted to focus on working with small manufacturers. The kind that needed my marketing consulting services but couldn't afford my consulting fees.

But how could I accomplish my goal?

Good things come to those who concentrate and wait

I wish I could say coming up with the way to reach my goal was easy or there was a sudden blinding flash of light, but none of that happened.

What did happen was by continually thinking about the what the how finally arrived.

How I reached my goal by helping small manufacturers reach their goals

I knew I needed to create an affordable and scalable marketing system for small manufacturers that wanted a simple and effective way to increase sales by getting more ideal customers.

Most importantly this marketing system needed to be designed exclusively for small manufacturers with their needs in mind. For example:

  • They don't have budgets for large consulting fees
  • They can't afford expensive marketing campaigns
  • They don't have spare staff sitting around with time to administer marketing systems
  • They don't have time for time-consuming staff meetings
So here's what I came up with

I created the Manufacturing Growth Marketing System to serve the unique needs of small manufacturers while meeting the following requirements:

It's Affordable
I took the top 20% of the components and practices in my large manufacturer/large fee marketing systems that generate 80% of the results and put them into my Manufacturing Growth system. This makes it fast to customize and implement. Because it takes less time it costs less.

It's Simple to Understand and Operate
Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System is a simple and effective business development system delivered in plain language. You get company-wide understanding and buy-in and don’t need a PhD to make it work.

It Creates Fast Results
You get positive and profitable results—faster. Our system is fully operational and produces ideal customers in any market in 90 days or less.

It Requires Little Time Commitment
Customizing our system to your needs requires no time-consuming onsite meetings. We require a total of about 5 hours of time (not in one go) for a series of interviews from you or some of your key staff.

It's Delivered Virtually
Because we work virtually (no more traveling!) our system is available to manufacturers all over the world. We do all of the heavy lifting off site and create a turnkey marketing system designed for your manufacturing company.

It's Well Supported
As you know, nothing’s perfect. You get unlimited support from us for 60 days after your system rolls out to ensure everything runs smoothly.

It Provides an Attractive ROI
When you purchase our marketing system you can realistically expect a ten times return on your investment. my fee.

It Offers Guaranteed Results
We offer a simple better-than-risk-free guarantee. If we do not meet the objectives we mutually agree upon and you have used our system as instructed we’ll fully refund your purchase price. You take no financial risk with the Manufacturing Growth Marketing System.

So ultimately by coming up with a system that helped small manufacturers exceed their growth goals I was able to achieve my goal.

Take the first step to exceeding your growth goals by scheduling an introductory call here.

Onward and upward,

Andrew Shedden