About Us

Does this sound like you?

If there was one word to describe you would it be driven?

If there was one word to describe your business growth would it be stalled?

Not being able to grow your B2B company as fast as you'd like while maintaining healthy profit margins is very frustrating. But why are you stalled? Maybe you:

  • Don't have the marketing knowledge you need to accelerate growth
  • Don't have the time to market and run your company
  • Have tried marketing your company in the past without good results
  • Have an ineffective (or no) marketing system
  • Need help but don't have budgets for large marketing consulting fees 
  • Can't afford expensive marketing campaigns or marketing staff
  • Don't have spare staff sitting around with time to administer marketing systems

No matter where you are you want your business to grow faster and more profitably but just can't seem to make it happen.

Here's What We're About

We've been dedicated to helping B2B companies grow profitable revenues since 1994. Our mission has never changed. We provide an easy to implement and operate marketing system based on the top 20% growth practices that create 80% of the results.

A Bit of History

Way back in 1994 we started out by publishing small community newspapers and special interest magazines. Over time our advertisers would ask us to do printing and other marketing communications work for them. That quickly evolved to them asking us for business growth advice. While that was challenging and rewarding work because they were in the business to consumer (B2C) market space in a small city it severely limited our growth.

The president of our company, Andrew Shedden, had owned and operated two manufacturing companies. He also had strong marketing communications skills. He recognized two critical things:

1. Most manufacturers produced excellent products.

2. Many manufacturers struggled to get consistently fast and profitable growth.

He combined his understanding of manufacturers with a real desire to provide a marketing system to help them get consistent growth and Broadfield Communications was on its way.

He later launched Broadfield Communications into the more general B2B market space and we quickly expanded to serve B2B companies in the US and Canada. 

Our Team

We have a hand-picked group of marketing and marketing communications specialists. While we continue to add members to our team, our core team members have been working together for over 15 years.

Our team has seen lots of changes and are up on the latest in everything marketing-related. We've also done lots. This means B2B companies benefit from our hard-earned knowledge we've used to create and refine our marketing system.

We continue to learn and grow by helping our B2B customers learn and grow.

Our Marketing System

Our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System:

Makes successful B2B companies even more successful.

Changes B2B companies that struggle with growth into ones that continuously exceed their most ambitious sales and profit goals.

Creates 15% to 25% + increase in annual growth above current objectives.

Increases market share, decreases marketing and selling expenses, and grows sales and profits. 

Best of all B2B companies that use our marketing system quickly become as driven as their CEOs and owners.

Get Your Growth Problems Solved in 15 Minutes 

If you'd like to get your business growth problems solved then join our owner, Andrew Shedden, for a 15 minute Scale Session Call.

During your Scale Session Call you'll get the following:

  1. You'll talk with him personally (He's a former manufacturing CEO and has been solving growth problems in a wide variety of industries since 1994) and not a junior employee.

  2. He'll have reviewed your company ahead of time so he can deliver value rather than collect information.

  3. He'll solve or alleviate your most pressing business growth problem and send you a personalized One Page Action Plan.

You have his word your Scale Session Call will not be a sales pitch and you'll get your problem solved in 15 minutes or less.

What's The Catch?

A Scale Session Call is a way for Andrew to introduce some of his business growth ideas to you. 

If you like his ideas you may choose to schedule a second call with him to find out more about what my company does to help small industrial companies grow faster.

If not, well that's OK too.

You have two ways to schedule your free 15 minute Scale Session Call today. Choose one:

1. Use the form on this page. 

2. Call Andrew at 705-874-3631.

Note: All times are Eastern.