B2B Sales Training

Increase Your Closing Rates And Get More New Customers Faster With Less Expense

Salespeople trained by us in our Our Blitz selling process:

Increase their number of closed sales by 30% or more

Close more sales at full price in less time

Win new customers faster and sooner 

Industrial (B2B) companies have achieved these types of results over and over again with the system they learn in our Blitz Sales Training.

Blitz Sales Training is an ideal choice for B2B companies that want a fast, affordable, and incredibly effective selling system that works in today’s business environment.

It's designed to help B2B salespeople who are reluctant to sell, are not good or average at selling and want to improve, or are good at selling and want to be excellent.

It's most effective for companies with 1-10 salespeople and even with those where the owner is the only salesperson.

It's totally customized for your industry, your company, and your salespeople.

Blitz Sales Training

 Prior To Training

We survey your salespeople and your customers to get a full overview of your sales staff and your customers.

All of this information is compiled and discussed with management.

Then your company has the "X-Ray" vision needed  for accurate customer knowledge.

You'll know the facts about what motivates your prospects, their challenges, and their goals.

We use these facts to create an incredibly effective Blitz Selling System completely customized to your needs.

During Training

Traditional sales training means having you go to the time effort and expense of getting your salespeople to travel to one location.

Then they have to endure an enormous amount of material lectured at them.

Blitz Sales Training is delivered live online in four separate 60-90 minute sessions. 

It's very interactive and includes live instruction, tests, surprise quizzes, gamification, and more.

Our training keeps your salespeople alert and interested in learning.

After Training

We provide your salespeople with 30 days post-training telephone, email, and online support.

 This helps them overcome their particular sales challenges, answer their questions, and enhances their performance.

In addition it reinforces their Blitz Sales Training  to make sure they're totally comfortable (and effective).

This has the added benefit of ensuring you're maximizing your ROI from our Blitz Sales Training

Lastly, if any of your salespeople need a little extra help with a challenging situation we're happy to help.

We Provide a Simple Method To Ensure Your Salespeople
Use The Blitz Selling Method

Have you ever paid for training and not had it successfully adopted? You know the routine, everyone uses the new method for a month or two and then it's back to the bad old ways (and bad old days).

This is a total waste of your time and money and is unnecessary.

We have a simple and tested method that will guarantee your new Blitz Selling Process will be used 100% of the time

From Launch To Done in 30 Days

The ramp up time is fast. Surveying your salespeople, your customers, training your salespeople, and rolling out your new and improved Blitz Selling System can be accomplished in 4 weeks or less. Because our training is delivered over the web we work with companies all over the world. 

You Don't Lose Valuable Days of Selling Time

If you've ever had conventional sales training you know there are more costs than the cost of buying the training. You need to:

Rent a conference room. 

Pay your salespeople to travel.

Pay for your salespeople to stay in a hotel room and pay for their meals.

This can easily add thousands to your training costs.

Because Blitz Sales Training is delivered live over the web you don't pay a single penny for travel, lodging, meals, and facilities rentals for your salespeople. This can be an enormous cost saving for you.

But there may be a cost you haven't considered...

What's the cost in productivity and sales to your company when your salespeople aren't selling for one, two, (or three) days? 

Blitz Sales Training is delivered in several 60 to 90 minute sessions over a two week period, so your salespeople won't have to take one, two, (or three) days off.

This saves you money you can put to better use elsewhere.

How You'll Benefit

You'll get more revenue in less time from your salespeople with selling techniques that work with today’s buyers. Here are some more specific ways.

  • Your salespeople will increase their productivity by closing a higher percentage of sales calls. You’ll get increased revenues and reduced selling expenses. 
  • Your salespeople will be effective approaching and selling key accounts. They’ll close bigger deals which will vastly increase revenues for your company.
  • Your salespeople will become valued problem solvers. This increases trust and believability with your prospects. This means your salespeople will easily build strong buyer seller relationships and reduce competition by making your company the best choice.
  • You'll increase sales without needing to hire more salespeople. No more costly new hire activities and ramp up times save you money.

Start Closing More Sales and Getting More Customers The Right Way

If you'd like your salespeople to close more sales more often then Blitz Sales Training will get you where you want to go.

You'll profit from higher closing rates without manipulative or high-pressure selling techniques.

Your company and your salespeople look great and get great results. 

Find Out If Blitz Sales Training Will Work For You

For more information and to see if Blitz Sales Training might be a good fit for your company schedule a ten minute Introductory Call below.

We'll briefly discuss how to eliminate your major selling challenges and see if our companies might be a good fit.

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