The Biggest Industrial Marketing Mistake

Biggest Industrial Marketing MistakeThe following industrial marketing mistake is, quite simply, the biggest industrial marketing mistake you can make. It disqualifies your company in the eyes of your prospects and keeps you out of the running. Less than five years ago your company could likely have survived this mistake. In today’s industrial marketing environment, as Borat has said, not so much. If you are making this industrial marketing mistake your company is missing out on scores of opportunities of which you may be completely unaware.

So now that the preamble is done and you are just about dying of curiosity well, what is this mistake?

The mistake is having a substandard website. Now before you run away because the whole thought of websites makes your eyes glaze offer consider the following.

Depending on which source you read, it is generally believed that up to 70% of the buying process is complete before prospects engage with your salespeople. Now whether this 70% figure is totally accurate or if it actually is 55% or 79.5% it gives you great pause for thought. It also gives you a great opportunity to dramatically improve your industrial marketing.

Make sure your website is up to scratch
The first step to reducing your competition is to be absolutely and positively certain your website reflects the new industrial marketing reality. Your prospects are checking your company out online. This is not theory any more, it is fact. If your website is nothing more than an online brochure it is doing you no favors. If your website trumpets your company and why it is better than sliced bread it will not accomplish much, if anything. It is almost inexcusable to have a substandard website today.

Make sure you have the content they seek
While a nicely designed website is something for which to strive it is not enough. Websites that dominate are focused on providing lots of useful (non-promotional) content that educates prospects. Winning websites are certain to have the content being sought by your prospects at the earliest stages of their buying cycle. The types of content that disturbs prospects and makes them question the status quo.

Make sure you can be found
I once read that having a great website that no one visits is like having a sign in your basement. If your website is pleasing to the eye (somewhat important), and is filled with valuable educational content (critically important), it still must be found to be even remotely useful. In order to do this your website first needs to be optimized for search. The second step is to conduct a comprehensive content marketing campaign. Lastly, in some (but not necessarily all) cases you need to have a social media presence.

If you are serious about reducing competition and positioning your company as the only logical choice it is simply a matter of having a  well-designed and content-rich website, providing really useful educational content for the earliest (and every other) stage of the buying process, and utilizing search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media.

Andrew Shedden

Andrew is the president of Broadfield Communications. When he's not working he likes reading history and biographies. He enjoys classic cars, music, and everything about rural settings. He loves to travel the world.