Blog Content For Manufacturers

Blog Content For ManufacturersIndustrial marketing is increasingly becoming content marketing. As you know the majority of early stage buying by your prospects is being done by researching companies online. Depending on which source you read it is reckoned that from 50% to 70% of the buying decision is made by prospects prior to them contacting you.

One of the things you can do to tip the balance in your favor is to be certain that your manufacturing website is a resource of constantly-changing educational content. While content such as tip sheets or special reports have their place if you truly want to get into the content marketing game you need to have a blog.

Whenever I tell my manufacturing clients they need a blog many of them tell me they love the idea but have no idea how they will create blog posts on a consistent basis. While this concern is understandable, in most cases it’s pretty easy to come up with blog content ideas. Here is a short list of five ways to come up with content for your industrial blog.

As with every industrial marketing practice everything goes so much better when you ask your marketplace what they want. For this reason, the first thing to do is to use a tool like Survey Monkey and send a one question survey out to all of your customers and ask them what topics they would like you to cover on your blog. They will tell you what they want to know and you will get high levels of engagement on your blog.

A second easy way to develop ideas for blog content is to get your staff together for a lunch meeting and come up with a list of frequently asked questions. These questions may well provide you with content ideas for 10, 25, or even 50 blog posts.

Case studies are another great way of creating blog content. Most of my industrial marketing consulting clients tell me they can’t write them fast enough. Readers love case studies, especially if they are not too long. In an ideal world your customer will let you mention them by name in a case study. If not, then simply mention the industry (unless your customer happens to be too readily identifiable by industry) and use the tried and true case study format of problem, action, and results.

Interviews provide an easy way of creating blog content and you get the added benefit of an implied endorsement from the interviewee. You would be shocked how easy it is to have industry-leading heavy hitters agree to be interviewed by you. All you need to do is ask! Give them lots of lead time, send them the list of questions in advance, agree to the interview length, and respect their time. These interviews can easily be conducted over the phone, on Skype, or as a Google Hangout. If you can’t find an industry-leader willing to be interviewed by you then how about interviewing your company president or a key staff member? It’s easy.

Lastly, if you are willing to have your blog become more topical and less evergreen in terms of your blog content then spend an hour or less a week reading about industry-related news. I can assure you this will spark your creativity and have you cranking out blog posts in no time at all.


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