Everything You Need To Know About Selling

If you want to power up your industrial marketing your salespeople need to have serious selling skills. While your manufacturing company may vary, I am often dismayed in my industrial marketing consulting work by how poorly the selling function is handled. Manufacturers spend enormous amounts of money and do back-flips in order to generate sales […]

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Video: One And Done Industrial Marketing Gets You No One

It is increasingly difficult to market effectively in today’s attention-starved marketplace. In fact, when I meet many manufacturing executives the first time this is one of their most common complaints. As Napoleon said, “Ability is of little account without opportunity.” Take three minutes and fifty-five seconds to watch this video and you will discover what […]

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How To Improve Strategic Alliances

One under-utilized industrial marketing technique is that of strategic alliances (alliances). In essence alliances are simply a way of growing your company by finding another company that has what you lack, sharing resources, and ultimately sharing profits. For example, your company may be lacking in products, staff, technology, assets, or customers. So let’s assume you […]

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