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Is Direct Mail Dead?

Any industrial marketing professional knows, the movement towards online marketing promotional activities continues to grow. Whether you choose to utilize the latest marketing automation software, or are sticking to tried and true email marketing, online marketing continues to grow at an incredible rate. So in today’s wondrous world of online marketing is direct mail dead? […]

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Industrial Marketing Measurement

Industrial marketing processes can be measured with a high degree of accuracy. In fact, industrial marketing processes should be measured on a consistent basis, which is to say all the time—every time. Did I mention you need to measure your industrial marketing processes? Perhaps another way of putting it is that it is imperative that […]

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Marketing Communications Success

Industrial marketing success has many components. One of the most important components is your ability to communicate your message in a meaningful and persuasive way. Your marketing communications need to be able to inform, persuade, or remind on a consistently excellent basis.  Sound easy? Well I can tell you that the field of marketing communications […]

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Industrial Marketing Success Is Not About Perfection

Industrial marketing can be a little challenging. Effective industrial marketing can be more difficult still. Perfect industrial marketing is virtually impossible. One of the more disturbing trends I see in my industrial marketing consulting work is people who seem to be obsessed with perfection. Every activity must be analyzed, modified, reanalyzed, discussed, modified, reassessed, discussed, […]

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