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Epilogue: A Happy Ending?

Lesson 6

Exactly 90 days after their last meeting John and Mark trudged in to their usual haunt for lunch. Mark arrived about 10 minutes early and sat at the table. He was incredibly curious to discover how John had done. 

During their earlier meetings Mark knew he had made his own accelerated business growth sound supremely easy. He was worried that he may have made it sound a bit too easy.

Although Mark’s marketing guy, Andrew Shedden had put together a great marketing system Mark had worked hard with Andrew fine tuning the structure. While Andrew and his staff provided a turnkey "done-for you" system and had been pretty hands on with the implementation, Mark and his key executives had to contribute a total of four or five hours of their time for interviews.

Just then John walked in. He looked very somber. He sat down at the table stone-faced. He looked like he hadn’t been sleeping and as if he was totally defeated. This was not the kind of greeting Mark wanted. Maybe he’d made it sound too easy. Maybe John’s business problems were too difficult to solve.

The server came with a couple of coffees.

“So John,” Mark began, “by the look on your face it appears things didn’t work out too well for you. I guess your business-growth problems may have been too difficult for my marketing guy Andrew Shedden and his staff to solve.

"You know John, Andrew has been an industrial marketing expert for a long time. He’s helped companies like yours get out of trouble and he’s helped companies like mine that were doing well do even better. I was sure that referring him to you would be a great thing. Hope I didn’t steer you wrong. It seems strange to me that you didn’t get the results we both expected.”

“Well Mark, I can assure you I didn’t get the results I expected. It’s been quite a ride, but not what I thought would happen,” said John.

“Well John maybe it just wasn’t meant to be,” said Mark.

Mark felt dejected and guilty.

John excused himself got up from the table and said he’d be right back. He asked Mark to order lunch for them both.

Mark sat there and could feel his mood continue to darken. He was really worried. What could possibly have gone wrong? He's known John for years and clearly this was a serious situation.

Then Mark heard someone whistling Everything You Know Is Wrong by Weird Al Yankovic. He turned to look. It was John and he was wearing an extremely loud Hawaiian shirt under his sport jacket.

John’s entire expression was different.

“So Mark,” said John as he sat down, “you know I have never forgotten the many times you have tormented and pranked me over the years. Well I just pranked you. Let’s just call it even and you can start tormenting and pranking me again because I know you’ll never change.”

“I see,” said Mark, “so things actually did work out for you. I knew they would. My marketing guy is good. Old Mark would never steer you wrong.”

“Actually he’s our marketing guy now. And we don’t have enough time to discuss all of the times you’ve steered me wrong,” said John.

“Thank you very much,” said Mark in his terrible Elvis accent, “so tell me a bit about how it all worked out."

"Well Mark, as you already know, we had our initial 25 minute Strategy Session. He outlined a generic four part marketing system I could use and then briefly summarized how his turnkey Manufacturing Growth Marketing System optimizes these four parts.

"We had a subsequent call that was longer. We really dug in to where I was and where I wanted to be and he gave me lots of food for thought. At the end of the call I decided to purchase his Manufacturing Growth Marketing System."

“So does the story have a happy ending?” asked Mark.

John continued, “I'd have to say we're rapidly heading that way. Andrew and I have gotten profitable growth at Acme Giggler Pins working like a machine. It’s incredible. It was easy to get our marketing system customized and set up and he was incredibly helpful every step of the way.

“He was respectful of my staff and made everyone feel like they were part of a team. Also, I was expecting him to be as serious as an undertaker and the project to be like a boring business school lecture. We actually had some laughs along the way and we were never bored. It was a very positive experience and morale has never been higher.

“The whole process took less than 90 days. Our marketing and selling activities are aligned and we have very clear direction now. We know more about our marketplace and how to educate, influence, and sell our prospects than at any time in the past. We are already starting to see some amazingly positive results.

"My bank manager called me. He mentioned my revolving credit lines were moving down consistently and my entire loan portfolio is safe. I’m actually looking forward to my annual credit review.

"So although it pains me to say this to you Mark, thanks,” said John.

“Well I knew you could do it,” said Mark.

“Oh yeah, and there's even more good news. About 45 days into getting our marketing system deployed we sold two of the key accounts we’d targeted. One of these sales was the biggest sale in the history of our company. A simple system to access and sell key accounts was one of the first things Andrew created for us. None of us really believed it would work but it did, and it does.

“I know we have a ways to go but I'm very confident about our future. And I can’t tell you how happy my wife, family and friends are for me. I’m like a new more positive version of myself,” said John.

“That’s great,” said Mark, “you must be so relieved.”

“I most certainly am, and I appreciate you referring me to Andrew Shedden and Broadfield Communications. In fact I’ve just referred him to a friend of mine in the automation business who wants to increase his growth rate by penetrating some new markets. As long as it’s in manufacturing he’s the go-to marketing guy.”

“So what’s next?” Asked Mark

“Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be hitting up old John for a loan,” said John.

“Maybe,” said Mark, “but for now you can pick up the tab for today’s lunch Mr. Rockefeller. It’s your turn again today. Oh, and every day from now on.”

Mark left the table and came back with a small pitcher of water and a bottle of 15 year old Ben Nevis Single Cask Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. He poured two fingers into each of the crystal old fashioned glasses.

“So John,” Mark began, before we put a big dent in this bottle do you need any more business or life advice from me?"

“No,” said John, “but I need half a teaspoon of water in this whisky.”

And so ends this story. How would you like your story to end?

#  #  #

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