Everything You Need To Know About Selling

Everything You Need To Know About SellingIf you want to power up your industrial marketing your salespeople need to have serious selling skills. While your manufacturing company may vary, I am often dismayed in my industrial marketing consulting work by how poorly the selling function is handled. Manufacturers spend enormous amounts of money and do back-flips in order to generate sales leads, hand these hard-earned leads to salespeople, and, magically, salespeople try to sell these leads like it’s still 1975.

Now before you think I am down on all salespeople or even the sales profession as a whole please read the following. The vast majority of salespeople are hard-working dedicated professionals who are obsessed with improving the condition of their prospects.

But then there are the minority of salespeople who persist in the belief that the road to sales success come from blathering on and on about their products and being selfish. It is to these primitive salespeople I address the following screed.

If you are getting less than stellar results from your sales activities and want to improve the results your salespeople are getting when attempting to convert your prospects into customers simply be certain your salespeople know the following.

Selling is not about you

The key to selling more successfully is to realize that the sales transaction is not about you. This is possibly the most difficult selling concept for underperforming salespeople to internalize and act upon. Selling is 100% about meaningful conversations with prospects that clearly identify their specific problems and aspirations. These conversations must be one-sided with the salesperson listening about, oh, 98% of the time.

Selling is not about your product
This is a statement that causes all kinds of consternation. The fact is that successful salespeople know they are not in the products business they are in the results business. If you are an underperforming salesperson you need to brand this critical distinction backwards on your forehead so you can view it in the mirror every morning.

Selling is not about price
There are companies in the commodity business who are in the low price derby and can’t get out. Sorry about this but in this case only there is not much that can be done. Unfortunately there also are companies who unnecessarily put themselves in the low price derby through poor selling practices. It’s an old story but a true one. It’s all about value. The more value salespeople bring to prospects the less significant price becomes in the purchasing decision.

Selling does not have to be complicated
Salespeople can easily learn a customized consultative sales system in an afternoon. In less than a week they will dramatically improve their results, gain access to higher-level executives and, stop being pounded down on price.

Sales success really is this simple.


Andrew is the president of Broadfield Communications. When he's not working he likes reading history and biographies. He enjoys classic cars, music, and everything about rural settings. He loves to travel the world.