Finding Content Ideas

Finding Content IdeasContent marketing has become one of the key components of industrial marketing success when trying to influence today’s online-obsessed buyers. Social media and search engines have an insatiable appetite for compelling content. Many manufacturers are following their B2C counterparts and plunging into the world of content marketing with great alacrity. This cheerfulness is soon replaced with an overwhelming feeling of dread when these same manufacturers can no longer figure out how to go about finding content ideas.

Many of you may find the biggest stumbling block to creating content is simply one of finding content ideas. Fortunately, finding content ideas is a fairly simple task. There are many sources you can use to provide you with great ideas for content development. The following short list should help you when finding content ideas for your content marketing program. This list is by no means exhaustive but will get you started out.

Look into your website statistics
One great source for content is your website analytics software. Spend some time and research what search terms have been used to find your website. These search terms can provide you with great ideas for your content development and also have the added bonus of providing you with insights to sharpen up your industrial marketing. What patterns do you see in the search terms? What search terms are you seeing with the most frequency? What is the strangest search term? Dig in and you’ll have great ideas for your content in no time at all.

Get reading
There are hundreds of thousands of blogs, trade publications, association newsletters, and other online publications from which clearly are great places for you to go when finding content ideas. If you spend 30 minutes on any given day your mind will quickly be filled with great ideas for content. Be certain that your content is original and is not just a rehash, or, even worse, a copy of what has been written. Your content needs to add to the collective knowledge in your marketplace. Take a stand, be contrarian, look at things from a new angle.

Outsourced content development
For many manufacturers this is the most attractive option of all. By outsourcing your content production you virtually eliminate the problem of where to find content. You need to be certain the company producing your content understands your industry and is comfortable writing in a voice that is unique to your company and will resonate with your marketplace.

While this frees up a lot of time for you to concentrate on your core business content development does come with a cost. Depending on your particular situation you can expect to pay from $1,000 to $3,000 plus per month for written content for your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and the production of special reports or white papers. Audio and video production can range from $500 to the sky is the limit.


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