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Getting In More Offices

Getting In More OfficesIndustrial marketing continues to undergo radical change. If you feel you have industrial marketing mastered in your company then give it a few months and you will soon find yourself baffled by the next thing. Once you are following the rules of the industrial marketing game you can be highly confident these rules will change. If you don’t move fast you will quickly be left behind by your more nimble and responsive competitors.

So as an industrial CEO is there one aspect of being in business in today’s marketplace you can count on besides taxes? The answer is most definitely yes. As I have written in this blog on numerous occasions it’s important to know Napoleon’s famous quote that, “Ability is of little account without opportunity.” A perfect example of this is the difficulty many salespeople are having in gaining access and ultimately closing sales.

Getting in more offices is one of my favourite topics simply because if your salespeople do not get the chance for a meaningful conversation with prospects then your salespeople will never get a chance to sell. Pretty obvious I’ll admit, but many industrial executives seem to discount the importance of, and the difficulty in, gaining access.

So if you are an industrial CEO or sales management executive what can you do to maximize the chances of your salespeople getting in more offices?

The simplest way to gain access is to understand that your prospects place a higher value on their time than on your products.

Once you understand this at a deep level then getting in more offices is actually pretty easy. First, reverse the roles and think like your prospects. Assume you are extremely over-worked and barely have five minutes to spare on a good day. Now also assume you have tremendous competitive pressures. Lastly, assume you have a boss breathing down your neck insisting you do more with less and cut costs while increasing revenues.

Once you have that picture then simply ask yourself what would be worth giving up 30-60 minutes of your time. Would it be a product presentation? No. Would it be spending time with yet another self-serving salesperson? No. Would it be spending time with a salesperson willing to provide the kind of free onsite education that helps you improve your job performance or that of your company? The answer most emphatically is yes.

Industrial marketing does not have to be difficult and getting in more offices can be pretty easy. Simply create a compelling reason for prospects to meet with your salespeople and watch more of those office doors swing open.


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