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How To Improve Direct Mail Response

How To Improve Your Direct Mail.Industrial marketing professionals who wish to grow their companies at maximum speed understand the critical importance of using a multi-modal approach to lead generation. Now this is just a fancy way of saying that for best results they need to use a variety of media in their lead generation activities bupropion xl 150 mg. So what media should you be favoring for best results? Regardless of what media you select for your lead generation campaigns I would advise you to use direct mail as one of the main components. In today’s post I would like to discuss how to improve direct mail response.

Now in the current wondrous age of all things digital it is easy to forget that way back in the mists of time (in the pre-digital age) manufacturing companies were able to successfully generate sales leads. In fact I think it is safe to say that every single manufacturing company that has been in business prior to the early 1980s was able to generate sales leads without the internet, or email, or even social media. How’s that for incredible?

One of the workhorses of lead generation in the “old days” of industrial marketing was direct mail, particularly the sales letter. It worked then and it works now. In fact, today’s decreased postal mail volumes are making direct mail work better than ever.

Unfortunately, not every direct mail campaign is a blockbuster success. So what needs to be done to improve direct mail response if you are getting poor results? Fortunately, there are standard elements in any failed direct mail campaign that can be assessed and usually be easily corrected. Here’s how I do it.

First, I check to be sure the client has used a sales letter in a number 10 envelope instead of a postcard. Next I confirm they used a good list. The next area I check is that they used a good headline and had benefit-laden persuasive copywriting. Lastly, I check that they used an envelope that looks like personal mail.

So what if all of the above check out and the campaign still isn’t effective? Is there a missing element you can use to improve direct mail response?

Generally if you are getting poor results from your direct mail it means that one critical factor has been ignored. That is simply that prospects are so busy one piece of mail may not even be noticed by them. Ignoring this fact means in many cases you will not be able to improve direct mail response, in fact you will kill it.

If you want to improve your direct mail response simply follow the practice of collection agencies and send out a sequence of letters. At a minimum you want to send out a sequence of three sales letters over a two to three week period. Your sequence may have five or six letters but at a minimum it must have three. You can continue to mail to your list until you determine the optimal number of letters in your sequence.

The second letter in the sequence must mention the first letter and the third letter must mention the second letter. You can use your letters to tell a story (all the rage today) or you can use your letters to promote free education (the old standby that works today and will work 500 years from now).
By sending out a sequence of sales letters you dramatically increase the odds of your message being read and your offer being acted upon.

One other tip is that quite often the simplest way to improve your direct mail response is to mail more often to a smaller list. Given the choice, you are much further ahead to mail four letters to 250 prospects than one letter to 1,000 prospects.


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