Industrial Video Tips

Industrial Video TipsThinking of shooting an industrial video? If your aim is to make your industrial video a promotional video (rather than a training video) that works, then simply follow these tips.

Keep It Brief
According to a blog post made by the video hosting company Wistia (you really should check this company out as they are doing an amazing job at marketing and offer a great service), a 30 second video will be watched to completion over 80% of the time. If the video is 60 seconds in length it is watched to completion about 75% of the time, if it is over four minutes it is watched to completion less than 60% of the time.

When you think about how busy everyone is every day it should not be surprising that viewers want you to get to the point. Obviously if you are putting together a 60 minute training video the results would be different. Shorter promotional videos tend to get higher engagement. Try to keep your industrial video around the one minute mark and only hit the four minute mark if you absolutely must.

Sound Matters
In the world of video sound matters. Surprisingly, most viewers will watch your industrial video even if your picture quality is less than perfect. If your actors sound like they are talking inside a barrel or if there is a lot of wind or other ambient noise you will lose your viewers. For this reason you need to be certain that you don’t use the built-in microphone on any video camera. Always use a separate microphone when shooting your industrial video.

Turn On The Lights
While sound is particularly important in video you still must do all you can to enhance your picture quality. If you want to shoot a simple talking head industrial video you can do a perfectly acceptable job using a smartphone or a very inexpensive video recorder. The trick is to be certain there is a lot of light when you are shooting your video. While you can get away with a single light in a bright room for best results use at least two lights and diffuse the light source.

Avoid Hollywood Production Techniques
What this means is that it is a mistake to try to out-Hollywood the movie studios in Hollywood. Unless you have a video budget of millions it’s best to leave the special effects to those who do. Industrial videos that attempt to copy Avatar tend to look pretty poor in comparison.

Save Your Sales Pitch But Do Have One
As with written content the key to making your industrial video effective is for 90% of it to be educational and customer-focused. Your viewers are interested in discovering how to solve their problems and meet their aspirations. They are far less interested in your company and its product features.

One of the most effective ways to incorporate your sales pitch is through the call to action at the end of your industrial video. This call to action should mention your value proposition and encourage viewers to take the next step in your selling process. For example you can ask them to email you, call you, or visit a landing page on your website.

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