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How To Grow Your B2B Company

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In this course you'll learn the key steps you need to know to grow your B2B company. I decided to use a manufacturing company as an example but all of the information in this short course is applicable to any other kind of B2B company.


It's presented in a short story format in such a way that (I hope) will make a fairly dry topic more interesting.


Spoiler alert! I wrote this story so I get to be the hero in it.


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Andrew Shedden

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Course Structure

A Wake Up Call

John, the president of a small manufacturing company, learns the horrible truth of the saying, "Change is great. You go first."

Everything You Know Is Wrong

We're introduced to Mark, a highly successful but unorthodox manufacturing CEO. As an opening move Mark tells John something that makes John question his beliefs and Mark's sanity.

How Property In Italy Helps You Grow Your B2B Company

John learns a valuable lesson from an Italian genius.

Ability Means Little Without Opportunity

John learns how to double the results he's getting from his salespeople.

Epilogue: A Happy Ending?

Mark has his confidence badly shaken. Did he steer John wrong?