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Manufacturing Webinars and Purpose

Manufacturing webinars and purposeAs an industrial marketing consultant I am highly confident that you, like most of my industrial marketing consulting clients, are aware of the importance of content marketing. I’m also certain you know the online world is exploding with content of all types.

Tip sheets, white papers, reports, infographics, online video, and a whole host of other content-delivery vehicles are all vying for attention.

While this cornucopia of content can be viewed as a good thing it also means that the content itself is running the real risk of becoming commoditized. To put this in simpler terms if everyone is saying the same thing in the same way through the same channels they are ultimately saying nothing.

To avoid commoditizing your content you must understand the critical importance of value. In my industrial marketing consulting work I advise my manufacturing clients to ensure their content truly adds value to the conversation going on in the marketplace. If your industrial marketing content does nothing more than add to the communications clutter your content will be ignored.

I also advise manufacturers that when it comes to content production extra effort is usually rewarded. This is especially true when taking time to produce a first-rate webinar. And manufacturing webinars are most certainly worth the effort.

Now you may have noticed you seem to be getting more webinar invitations than in the past. The reason is simple, webinars really are an effective way of letting prospects take you for a free “test drive” while showcasing your knowledge. Well-structured manufacturing webinars have the added benefit of positioning your manufacturing company as the obvious choice.

When considering how to shape content for your manufacturing webinars always keep the following in mind.

Purpose determines content
If the purpose of your manufacturing webinars is to teach people how to operate your machinery or use your products then it’s pretty obvious how to structure your content. Make it as short as you possibly can and be sure you have a presenter with energy to keep your attendees awake.

If the purpose of your manufacturing webinars is to generate qualified sales leads then you must obey the cardinal rule of lead generation webinars. Your manufacturing webinar must educate your prospects. Additionally, your manufacturing webinar must reveal your best tips and techniques freely. You must not hold back but share generously.

One other thing, if your manufacturing webinar is nothing more than thinly-disguised sales pitch it will fail. This is not to say you can’t sell on your webinar.

What it means is you need to have 95% of the webinar focused on your educational content and 5% focused on your sales pitch or call to action.


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