Marketing System Assessment For Manufacturers

Marketing System Assessment

The first step to accelerating growth in your manufacturing company is to perform a marketing system assessment to identify areas of improvement.

How it Works

Marketing system assessments are done by our president, Andrew Shedden, who brings over 25 years' marketing expertise to every marketing system assessment.

Assessments are done by conference call or online Zoom Meeting. This means you can participate in your assessment from the comfort of your boardroom or office, anywhere in the world.

During your personalized 60-90 minute assessment he’ll:

1. Assess your current marketing and selling practices in:

Marketing Foundations: Competitive strategy, competitive advantage, customer knowledge, and marketplace knowledge.

Marketing Communications: Advertising, brochures, sell sheets, sales letters, website, emails, and educational marketing content.

Lead Generation System: Market, messaging, media, direct marketing, and trade shows.

Lead Development System: Goals, channels, needs, frequency, and software.

Selling System: Selling process, inside sales techniques, field sales techniques, distributors, dealers, and manufacturers’ representatives.

2. Identify specific areas of improvement.

3. Recommend specific ways you can use to attract more ideal sales leads and convert them into customers.

You can get a one-page summary of our Marketing System Assessment here.

How You'll Benefit

  • You'll get an unbiased look at your current marketing and selling system from a veteran who's been building manufacturing companies in a wide variety of industries since 1994.
  • You'll get some solutions to the barriers to growth that are preventing you from reaching your most ambitious growth goals.
  • You'll increase the effectiveness of all of your marketing and selling processes so you can grow your company faster, predictably, and stress-free. All without discounting prices.


If you're not satisfied we don't expect you to pay. If after the first 15 minutes, you're not delighted with the quality we bring to your assessment we'll stop and give you a full and courteous refund. 

Find Out More About Our Marketing System Assessment

You can get a one-page summary of our Marketing System Assessment here.

If you want to see if our assessment might be right for you then take a minute and schedule a call using our calendar.

This 15 minute call will provide you with the answers you need. No obligation just good information.

Please note: Marketing system assessments are offered exclusively to manufacturing company CEOs and owners (you can have other executives there too).