Marketing System For Manufacturers

Want Faster More Consistent Growth In Your Manufacturing Company

A Marketing System For Manufacturers That Want To Achieve Their
Most Ambitious Growth Goals

Our marketing system for manufacturers helps manufacturers exceed their most ambitious growth goals with ease.

In fact, since 1994 manufacturers using our marketing and selling system have been exceeding their growth goals by 23% or more by: reducing competition, generating more new ready to buy sales leads, increasing sales closing rates, and shortening sales cycles.

Exclusively For Small Manufacturers

We've created an affordable way for even the smallest manufacturer to get the same kind of efficient and consistent growth enjoyed by their larger competitors.

You get the key elements of our most successful big business outbound business growth system in our done-for-you Manufacturing Growth Marketing System.

It comes with a fixed price (no meter running or "nickel and diming" you for the smallest things) and will be fully operational in your business generating ideal customers like clockwork in 90 days or less.

In fact, our marketing system for manufacturers is fully-guaranteed to meet your objectives or you get a full refund.

Delivered Live Online

If you're anything like the vast majority of our customers you're probably too busy to be spending endless hours in onsite meetings.

Our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System is delivered virtually using live one on one online meetings (it is not recorded), emails, and phone calls. This means:

Minimal disruption to your daily operations

No time-wasting (and costly) onsite meetings

No travel and lodging expenses

Fully Customized For Your Company

Our marketing system for manufacturers is not a "cookie cutter" solution and is fully customized to your needs to to be as unique as your company.

It's ideal for small manufacturers that:

  • Want predictable and consistent growth with the least amount of risk.
  • Want a time-tested, affordable, and easy to use marketing and selling system to grow their businesses.
  • Don’t have spare staff sitting around with the time to design, test, and optimize a marketing and selling system.  

How You Benefit

Our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System creates fast and consistent growth, is easy to operate, and creates minimal disruption in your company. Here are just some of the outcomes you can expect, you'll:

  • Generate more well-qualified motivated sales leads at will.
  • Get more closed sales from your salespeople.
  • Maintain the interest of more of your longer-term opportunities until they are ready to be sold.
  • Eliminate peaks and valleys in your revenue.
  • Exceed your growth goals.
  • Minimize your competition.

Get 5 Ways To Accelerate Growth In 15 Minutes 

I'm a former manufacturing CEO, a published author, and an expert with 25 years’ experience solving business growth problems in a wide variety of industries.

Join me for a 15 minute Business Growth Call. We'll discuss some methods our customers are using to deal with growth problems and scale up faster.

During this brief call:

1. You can discuss your problems or goals in more detail and get a customized analysis.

 2. I’ll outline five specific strategies other manufacturers are using you can apply to reduce or eliminate your growth problems and achieve your sales goals with certainty.

How To Schedule A Call With Me

You have two ways to schedule your free 15 minute Business Growth Call. Please choose one:

1. Use the form on this page. 

2. Call me personally at 705-874-3631.

Note: All times are Eastern.


Andrew Shedden