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Marketing System For Manufacturers

Growth Problems We Solve

We help ambitious manufacturing executives meet their growth goals with certainty. They want to get to the top of their game, and to stay there.

While every manufacturer, including you, is unique, the majority of manufacturers can be divided into those that consistently meet their growth goals and those that don’t.

While there are any numbers of reasons manufacturers may not be reaching their growth goals the majority don’t have an effective business growth system that can be measured and improved.

The barriers to growth often revolve around one or more of the following four areas:


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Shaky Foundation

Some manufacturers believe that sheer willpower and hard work is all that’s necessary to grow sales and profits fast enough to reach their growth goals. Many of them think building a firm foundation for growth is a waste of time. Of course the opposite is true because time spent building a firm foundation for growth results in more growth in less time. 

Do You Have These Problems?

Limiting beliefs and mindsets in your company

Poor competitive strategy

Your products being viewed as commodities and eroding your margins

Weak or non-existent value proposition

Lack of direction or chasing the next shiny object

Unable to successfully enter new markets


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Poor Lead Generation

Generating 10 well-qualified sales leads in a week is infinitely better than trying to wade through 100 time-wasting unqualified sales leads. While your numbers may differ the principle stays the same. Some manufacturers with ineffective lead generation systems struggle to generate 10 well-qualified leads in a month or more.

Do You Have These Problems?

Not enough qualified sales leads to keep your salespeople or reps busy

Inconsistent lead flow creating peaks and valleys in growth

Too many unqualified sales leads that are a waste of time

Money-losing lead generation campaigns that produce few if any leads


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Inconsistent Lead Development

Depending on the market and product a good rule of thumb is about 45% of prospects that don’t buy today will buy within 12 months. You need an effective lead development system to automatically nurture these prospects until they’re ready to start their buying cycles.

Do You Have These Problems?

Losing out on winnable longer-term sales opportunities

Longer-term sales opportunities are ignored or slip through the cracks


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No Structured Sales Process

Whether you rely on your own salespeople or you are using manufacturers' representatives, not having a well-structured sales process that is understood and used consistently is a major barrier to growth. After all, how can any process be measured and improved if it's totally random?

Do You Have These Problems?

The average percentage of closed sales is wildly inconsistent

Your salespeople and reps can't get in the door to talk with prospects

20% of your salespeople or reps are getting 80% of your sales

Your salespeople and reps can't close deals with key accounts

Want Faster More Consistent Growth In Your Manufacturing Company

How We Grow Manufacturers

We assess and optimize all of the four areas above and create business growth systems that help manufacturers in both the USA and Canada exceed their most ambitious growth goals with ease.

We don't offer a "cookie cutter" solution but rather one that is fully customized to your needs to to be as unique as your company.

It's ideal for small manufacturers that:

  • Want predictable and consistent growth with the least amount of risk.
  • Want a time-tested, affordable, and easy to use marketing and selling system to grow their businesses.
  • Don’t have spare staff sitting around with the time to design, test, and optimize a marketing and selling system.  

How You Benefit

Our business growth methods create fast and consistent growth, and minimal disruption in your company. Here are just some of the outcomes you can expect, you'll:

  • Generate more well-qualified motivated sales leads at will.
  • Get more closed sales from your salespeople.
  • Maintain the interest of more of your longer-term opportunities until they are ready to be sold.
  • Eliminate peaks and valleys in your revenue.
  • Exceed your growth goals.
  • Minimize your competition.

Take The First Step To Growth With Certainty

Please use my calendar to schedule a free 15 minute Business Growth Call. We'll discuss your challenges and offer you some free advice that's actually got real value.

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