Two New Order Management Software Features Geared Toward Manufacturers

Order management software is a useful tool for manufacturers with increasingly complex logistical needs. As its name implies, it helps you efficiently order parts and products from vendors. In addition, you can track items as they come to your warehouse and speed up the picking, packing, and shipping process to get products to your customers faster.

Fishbowl Inventory is an order management solution that has two new software features that could really benefit manufacturing businesses. These new features are multi-currency purchase orders (POs) and UPS Ready integration.


Manufacturers often purchase parts and materials from a variety of vendors in different countries. That means they have to work with several currencies, which could lead to problems when it comes time to balance the books and pay taxes. Fishbowl Inventory’s new Currency Module will solve this problem by allowing manufacturers (and other business types) to:

  • Add as many currencies as they need
  • Update currency exchange rates
  • Generate POs in any currency they have created
  • Attach a currency to each vendor

These multi-currency features will be limited to POs when they are released later this month, and they will be available in sales orders and other areas of the software in the future.

UPS Ready

It’s important to get products to customers as quickly as possible. To do that, it helps to have instant access to shippers. Fishbowl Inventory is now UPS Ready certified, which means that when an order comes in, you can do the following things without having to open a Web browser or leave Fishbowl’s interface:

  • Compare estimated costs of using different shipping methods
  • Print UPS shipping labels for packages
  • Request pickup services from UPS
  • Email packing lists and tracking information to customers

Fishbowl Inventory is one of the few inventory solutions to offer multi-currency features and UPS Ready integration in addition to its comprehensive manufacturing feature set. It can help you track orders, manage inventory, and stay on top of your manufacturing operations.

Guest Blogger