Manufacturing Wins Podcast - Guest Application

Podcast Interview Request

Manufacturing Wins Podcast Guest Request

Are you a manufacturing CEO/president, or a senior manufacturing operations, marketing sales, or finance executive?

Do you have a story to tell about positively transforming your company?

Would you like to help the manufacturing community by sharing your story?

During our 30 minute Manufacturing Wins Podcast we interview select manufacturing executives who want to tell their story about how they improved efficiencies and profitability in their manufacturing companies.

How It Works

Submit the application on this page.

A few days prior to your interview we'll contact you to go over the details, send you our interview questions, and discuss any things you might want to highlight.

On the day of your interview we set aside 10 minutes or so to ensure your microphone and camera are both is set up properly so you'll sound (and look) great.

We'll interview you.

We promise you'll enjoy both your interview and knowing you've helped the manufacturing community.

Equipment You Need

All podcast interviews are conducted remotely. We strive to produce the best quality possible and in order for you to be a guest you need the following.

1. High speed internet access 

2. Headphones (you can use ear buds as long as you can plug them in to your computer) and a microphone (not the built in microphone in your computer but a separate microphone plugged in to your microphone or USB port)


A computer headset plugged in to your computer.  

3. A webcam for video

It's easy and we'll help you every step of the way.

As a wise person told me, "knowledge not shared is wasted." So let's hear from you!