PURLs: Industrial Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Marty Thomas of PurlemFaced with a daily multitude of smart slogans and zippy puns being peddled on banners and billboards, it’s easy to assume that ‘catchiness’ is the key to industrial marketing. But what your prospects are looking for, and what they find so infrequently, is a gesture of personalization.

Personalization sends a clear message to the prospect that you are intent on serving them specifically, introducing them to your brand with a handshake rather than a shout across the room.

This idea is of no surprise to you, of course. Personalization has always led to stronger bonds with a customer base. A recent study from PODi ( http://purlem.com/blog/2012/10/personalized-vs-static-response-rates) shows this in sharp colors.

But how do we take that to the next level? How is personalization actually put into practice?

The answer is incredibly simple and easy: PURLs.

PURLs are a unique domain name personalized to each recipient. This means that each customer you reach with a PURL is getting their own personalized online experience.  This sets you apart from your competition.

Take, for example, Roto-Rooter. Roto-Rooter set out with the goal to acquire at least one new heating and plumbing company in seven of Roto-Rooter’s core markets. To do that, they sent out a standard letter, giving the recipients an option to respond with a PURL. The results were outstanding (http://purlem.com/blog/2011/11/roto-rooter-case-study/):

“This was our most successful company acquisition campaign to date. We mailed 800 heating and plumbing companies with sales over $1MM. Overall 30 companies responded (3.75% response rate) — half of these responses came from the personalized URL. We successfully acquired 4 businesses from this campaign.”  – PLG Consulting

So when Joe Smith opened up his letter, he saw that Roto-Rooter already had a domain waiting for him at JoeSmith.rotorooter.com. The URL includes his name, which shows Joe that Roto-Rooter  is so interested in him that they have already created and set a page aside for him. In other words, Roto-Rooter has invested in being a part of Joe’s identity, and because of this, Joe is much more likely to invest himself in them.

What’s even more effective (and cooler to Joe Smith) is that, not only has Roto-Rooter personalized the domain name, they’ve personalized that unique landing page that pops up when he clicks the link.

Just imagine what PURLs could do for your business.

Marty Thomas is the founder/developer of Purlem, a cloud-based software that provides users with a simple and affordable way to use personalization in their direct marketing. To find out more visit the Purlem Website.

Marty Thomas