Could You Use Results Like These in Your Manufacturing Company?



$850,000 In New Opportunities In 12 Days

Using the customer reactivation module in our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System we created a one page letter and sent it to 150 past customers at a total cost of less than $200. This letter sourced $850,000 in new business opportunities within 12 days.

Failing Salesperson Sold Key Accounts Within 90 Days

By following the steps in our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System a small manufacturer in the machining industry successfully sold key accounts like Ontario Power Generation and numerous others within 90 days. They were shocked (and relieved) as their salesperson had closed no sales in the previous 18 months.

Key Accounts Welcomed Him In Less Than a Month

By simply following the steps in our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System this small manufacturer created a very effective key account prospecting campaign. They got in the door and sold Gerdau Ameristeel and many other key accounts within 30 days. They had never been able to get the slightest interest from these large accounts in the past.

Turned Around Manufacturer

By following the steps in out Manufacturing Growth Marketing System we created a lead generation and selling system that transformed this small manufacturer from laying off employees to nearly doubling the size of their plant and increasing revenues by over 35% in less than 18 months.

Created Opportunities In Billion Dollar Accounts

This (large) manufacturer followed the steps in our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System which provided the structure they needed to work toward realizing their goal of growing their annual North American sales from $60 million to $100 million by accessing and creating opportunities with billion dollar plus accounts.

Launched New Division 

Our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System was used to successfully launch a new division for a small manufacturer that served the mining and power generation industries. This turned around their failing company in less than 18 months. In addition it allowed them to safely abandon their previous (and unprofitable) line of business.

Increased Sales By Lessening Reliance On Dealers

This small manufacturer required a complete marketing and selling system to sell directly to end users in the US marketplace in territories not currently served by his dealer network. They had never sold directly before and were thrilled with their sales and the extra profit margin created by our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System.  

Grew Business Globally

Our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System modified and optimized a client’s marketing and selling process to increase their market penetration rate on a global basis (North America, South America, and Europe).

Increased High-Margin Sales In Price-Driven Marketplace

The challenge was to create a marketing system to enable this small manufacturer to dominate a price-sensitive market in which he sold high-priced services and products. Our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System exceeded his expectations.

Key Accounts Called Manufacturer

Here's a switch. When was the last time a key account took the time to contact you? This small manufacturer used our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System to create a key account prospecting campaign that was unique and effective enough to cause the vice-presidents of marketing from both Apple Canada and Fed-Ex in the US to phone his company.

Get Going and Get Growing

The above are just a sample of the kinds of results you could achieve in your manufacturing company in 90 days or less.

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