Scale Session Call

Get Your Growth Problems
Solved In 15 Minutes

We help industrial companies grow faster
with less stress, less effort, and less risk. 

These companies usually want to solve problems around:

1. Peaks and valleys in revenue.

2. Hitting a growth plateau and being stuck.

3. Having ambitious growth goals but being unsure how to reach them in the fastest least expensive way.

If you're open to setting up a time for a 15 minute Scale Session Call with me I'll give you an immediate solution to your problem.

You'll Get The Following

  1. You'll talk with me personally (I'm a former manufacturing CEO and have been solving growth problems in a wide variety of industries since 1994) and not a junior employee.

  2. I'll have reviewed your company ahead of time so I can deliver value rather than collect information.

  3. I'll solve or alleviate your most pressing business growth problem and send you a personalized One Page Action Plan.

You have my word our Scale Session Call will not be a sales pitch and you'll get your problem solved in 15 minutes or less.

What's The Catch?

A Scale Session Call is a way for me to introduce some of my business growth ideas to you. 

If you like my ideas you may choose to schedule a second call with me to find out more about what my company does to help small industrial companies grow faster.

If not, well that's OK too.

You have two ways to schedule your free 15 minute Scale Session Call.

Choose one:

1. Use the form on this page. 

2. Call me at 705-874-3631.

Note: All times are Eastern.

Andrew Shedden