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Why Your Marketing Is Failing

Picture yourself as an average-looking person standing alone on a basketball court at your high school. Someone you have never met before walks on the basketball court and asks you out on a date. You are shocked about this and before you know it six more people arrive and ask you out on a date.  You are starting to feel like the most desirable person in the world. Unfortunately because you have so many people vying for your attention you have great difficulty making a choice.

Within an hour or so the entire basketball court is filled with 500 people all pushing and shoving and saying exactly the same thing to try to get your attention.  By this point you are so overwhelmed with messages that all sound the same you do the only sensible thing and choose to do nothing.

So what does this have to do with why your marketing isn’t working? Simply substitute the person being chased with any buyer and the full basketball court with the vast majority of vendors, and you have one of the major reasons your marketing isn’t effective.


If everyone is saying the same thing no one is saying anything

Simply put, nearly every market you can think of is drowning in over-communication. Your buyers are overwhelmed with marketing messages on a daily basis. Television, radio, print, direct mail, the Web, video, email, blogs, the list never ends. In addition to business to business promotional messages, your buyers are also exposed to the daily deluge of consumer based advertising. Worse still, vendors insist on saying the same thing in their promotional messages with mind-numbing regularity. For example, visit their websites and note how many of them mention their stellar service, unsurpassed quality, and competitive prices. It’s all a bunch of noise that signifies nothing, and many of your buyers are choosing to do nothing.

Is your company a victim of me-too marketing?

While there can be hundreds of reasons your marketing isn’t working there is a very good chance if you aren’t getting great results you are among the majority of your competitors who are practicing me-too marketing. What are some of the signs your company may be suffering from me-too marketing?

Your advertising and promotion generates poor, if any, results

Your lead generation activities have poor yields of low-probability prospects

You can’t seem to gain the first telephone or on-site meeting

You are discovering longer-term opportunities are choosing your competitors

You are sending out plenty of proposals and getting plenty of rejections

How can you change your marketing to increase your revenues?

If your marketing processes are essentially the same as those of your competitors then you will have poor results. To succeed you must focus your marketing efforts on differentiating yourself from your competition.

Apple says, “Think different.” Successful industrial marketers say, “Be different.”

Simply abandon inward product and features focused marketing and choose outward benefits focused marketing. All aspects of your marketing should clearly show your buyers how your products will positively change their results. After all, your buyers aren’t purchasing products like yours for what they are, but for what they do.

Want more sales leads?

If you want to generate more highly qualified sales leads always lead with educational content that helps buyers at the earliest stages of their buying process. Remember the single biggest fear every buyer has is making a poor purchasing decision. Zero in on producing content that helps buyers address their major sources of concern and trouble and offer this content freely. Use your educational content to help them recognize and address their early-stage needs. This will effectively position your company as a thought-leader and reduce your competition.

Want to close more of your longer term opportunities?

If you want more of your longer-term opportunities to convert into customers focus on providing your buyers with information that helps them at the subsequent stages of their buying process. Spend time considering and developing additional educational content that will help your buyers more effectively evaluate their options. This will provide top of mind awareness for your company while they are considering vendors. 

Want to sell more prospects more often?

If you would like to dramatically improve your selling process then stop selling your products first. Focus on gaining true understanding of your prospect’s key business drivers. Then align your selling process to show them your understanding of their specific issues and objectives. Next, be sure to get them to quantify the value of getting their problem resolved. Last, offer them information and helpful suggestions about how your offering will help them reach their specific objectives. This will position your company as the only logical choice.

Your manufacturing company will have a great competitive advantage by having a relentless focus on understanding the most-sought after outcomes of your buyers. If your marketing processes clearly show your buyers how to get these outcomes your marketing problems will vanish.


Andrew is the president of Broadfield Communications. When he's not working he likes reading history and biographies. He enjoys classic cars, music, and everything about rural settings. He loves to travel the world.